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Given the nickname “Snuffy” by the maternity nurse at the hospital where he was born, James T. Smith legally changed his name as a teenager to the name his father loved and everyone had come to know him by. Snuffy began his career at an early age, singing in church. With Virginia roots and ties to the legendary Carter family setting the stage, Snuffy’s love of music grew when he first heard Hank Williams, Sr. and George Jones. Influenced by the “Outlaw” attitude of Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, and Johnny Cash, Snuffy knew music was his calling. It only took the rock energy of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Marshall Tucker and David Allan Coe for Snuffy to recognize his destiny and begin creating a unique sound of his own.

When he was 17, Snuffy’s father died unexpectedly and his world of college sports and musical aspirations crumbled as he was forced to grow up quickly and take on family responsibilities. He helped his mom manage her real estate business, and eventually this work led him into a career in the financial industry, but music was always Snuffy’s consoling friend when times were tough.

Soon Snuffy’s musical origins beckoned to him and, with the encouragement of family and friends, and a more spiritual outlook, a life-seasoned Snuffy returned to the craft he most enjoyed. Determined to record his first album project, Snuffy contacted a friend from his early church days, Jim Hendricks. Jim’s music history traces back to Cass Elliot and the Mugwumps, the band that would eventually form The Mamas and the Papas. After moving to Nashville and into the contemporary Christian music genre, Jim reunited with Snuffy and the two collaborated on Snuffy’s first recording project, Arms Around the World in 1999. That fall, Snuffy was heavily praised for the album’s two hits, the deeply moving title track and the up-beat, optimistic "Hard Road" both of which charted successfully on the CCMA Christian Country Chart. Snuffy’s sophomore release Believe also found immediate success. The title cut, "If You Could Only Believe" debuted at #59 on the CCMA Chart in January 2000. By April, Snuffy was maintaining a number one chart position and was named a finalist for the CCMA Christian Country male “Vocalist of the Year” award.

Feeling like he had only scratched the surface of his musical dreams, and with a burning desire to get back to the country music passion of his teens, Snuffy headed to Nashville and embarked on a plan to create a solid recording to express the country soul he felt emerging. I Know What You Like is a brilliant application of Snuffy’s talent and a great collection of country songs. The tracks unleash in-your-face lyrics paired up with raw, earthy rhythms that reminds us of the beauty of getting back to basics. From the romantic and chivalrous “Melissa” and the inspirational and encouraging “Keepin’ Faith” to the reality checking “I Know What You Like” and “Who Wants to be a Millionaire,” this CD delivers a refreshing and authentic approach to both life and music by a genuine artist.

As fate would have it, I Know What You Like, found its way into the hands of the legendary Tommy DeVito. Tommy rose to international fame initially as the founding member and lead guitarist of the Pop group The Four Seasons. Upon hearing his music, Tommy not only offered to produce Snuffy's latest project, Snuffy Smith, but also signed Snuffy to his label, Brooklake Records, a division of Brooklake Productions, LLC.

Snuffy Smith is a true coming of age production. The combination of Tommy DeVito's decades of musical experience and success with Snuffy's unique sound lends itself to a soothing blend of Gospel, Country, and Soul. This CD takes the listener on an emotional journey, from the upbeat devil-may-care “People Like Me” to the faith inspiring “Private Daniel’s Prayer” and heartstring pulling “Now I See” and “Love Me Again” to the soulful mourning of “If Hearts Were Like Old Habits,” straight into the heart of the Appalachian Mountains.

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